Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Craftasmic's First Post!

We thought it was time Craftasmic had a home in the world of 'Blog land' and so here it is!

With the launch of our new web store, we have so much to tell you about that we wanted to start off by setting up this brand new blog to be able to have the space to share all the crafty things we have at

We will also be starting our new fortnightly Newsletters soon and again wanted to be able to share with you all details here.

We're planning on lots of different sections in our newsletters that we'd love your input on, from Top Tips to Featured Products and of course the odd competition here and there too!

Anyway, we guess the above makes this our very first Blog post and with that we'll do our first signing off....

So we're now off to Dream it, Make it and wish you all Happy Crafting......